LEADING UP by Brad Lomenick


Periodically, Coach-Speak.net will invite “guest speakers” to come share valuable insight and information with us. Our first is Brad Lomenick. He is a Leadership consultant, speaker and author. We first met Brad in June 2017 while he was a featured speaker at the Head Coach 360 Intensive hosted by Parker Executive Search in Conjunction with NextLevel Sports. We were so impressed with Brad and his message that we asked if he would share something with our readers and he was willing to do so.

By Brad Lomenick


1. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! Maintain a posture of humility. Act like you don’t belong, but work like you do. You must be truly motivated to serve and lift up the leader above you. And make them better! ey will get the spotlight- it’s not about you. Never is.
2.  BE AN ANTICIPATOR. Solve problems and create solutions before you are told to or have to. Compared to causing problems and delaying solutions. Ask forgiveness more than permission. Anticipate needs of those above you. Remove responsibility from their plate onto yours. If you’re creating more work for your leader instead of less work, that’s a problem.
3. BE THE BEST EXPRESSION OF THE VISION OF THE PROGRAM. You are the carrier of the vision to the rest of the team and organization. You are the validator. People trust it’s true if you trust it’s true. You are an alignment officer. You are the vision copycat. Not necessarily agreement, but pushing for alignment in the program. ALIGNMENT and TRUST. Push for these constantly.
4.  SET A HIGH STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE. Be a linchpin. Be remarkable. Be so good at what you do and how you do it that those around you have no other option than to take notice. Make others remark about you. With pure motives! The best way for you to advance in the organization or your industry is to be the best at what you are doing right now.
5. BE AN EXECUTOR. GET THINGS DONE. Take things to the finish line. Hands in the mud leader. Willing to get in the trenches with the team and carry the boxes. Dirt under the fingernails type of leader. Be a Finisher. Trustworthy. I can count on you. TRUST.
6.  EMPOWER PEOPLE. Lead people like you want to be led, not necessarily how you’ve been led. Your job in leading up is to make your leader better, along with everyone else around you. e best leaders are the ones who make those around them ourish. Success is making yourself better. Signi cance is making others better. Celebrate those around you continually. Let your ego leak on others. Bring positive energy every single day.
7. CLARITY – REMOVE THE DRAMA AND RELEASE YOUR PEOPLE. Push for clarity and communication everywhere. Brought in means bought in. What is rewarded gets repeated. Uncertainty and lack of clarity is why we have jobs as leaders. So solving uncertainty is your job description!
8. BE CONSTANTLY CURIOUS. Ask great questions. Good question builds more credibility than a good answer. Be a continual learner. Leaders are readers. Leaders are learners. Never stop learning. Be a sponge. Have a lean forward posture that you want to keep getting better. Be a great listener and write it down. Being a great listener gives you superhuman powers. Keep learning. Stay hungry. Notice, pay attention to little details and to people. Ask names, Say names. Look people in the eye. Not looking around to see who else is most important in the room. Leaders I admire are always present with whoever is in front of them.
9. SERVE AS A FEEDBACK LOOP. You provide a di erent perspective and look at things from a di erent angle. This is invaluable in leadership. But always praise in public, provide constructive criticism/feedback in private. Be the ears and eyes for your leader. You can help the leader prepare better.
10. LEAD LIKE YOU’RE AT THE TOP. Your perspective should be that of an owner. Ownership mentality. is means you don’t use the phrase “they are…” but instead speak in terms of “we are..” Big difference. Influence happens from anywhere in the organization. Act, dress, talk, study, read, talk, lead like you’re in the position you want next, way before you get there. That’s a different level of accountability. That way you’re already there when you actually get there. Have an ownership mentality.
11. EMBRACE THE POSITION YOU HAVE. Don’t be bitter. Lean into it. Be the best in the world at your current role. Be present.
12.  FLIP AND SCALE THE ORGANIZATION. Repeat mission, vision, core values so it goes further out to the edges of the organization, and push authority down to lower levels, which will cause information to rise up. In most organizations the authority is all at the top and vital information is at the bottom. Push authority down and information will automatically rise, while also empowering people.
13. ESTABLISH YOUR RHYTHM OF SABBATH, MARGIN, AND REST. Balance may not be possible, but you have to create habits in your life that will provide a system for you to function in. Build habits now as foundation.


Brad Lomenick (www.bradlomenick.com) is a leadership consultant, speaker, founder of BLINC, and author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership. He writes about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, and personal growth. Brad has been a guest speaker at multiple NextLevel events including CALS and Head Coach 360 Intensive. You can follow Brad on twitter: @bradlomenick


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